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Publish your PHOTO after you have registered on the portal
To insert your photos click on the "+" button at the top right and then choose the desired album and insert tags and category.

You can enter up to three shots per 24 hours.
The photos must have a maximum side and not less than 1000px and a max weight of 500Kb
The photos should be without frames and written
The editors will select the photos to be published within 12/24 hours
The nudes will be assessed in each individual case

The photos will be judged by the editors and if selected will be published within 12 hours.

if you have problems follow the procedure explained below

photo comments

Remember to do at least three comments to photos of other authors before submitting your photos otherwise the drawing can not assess your work. thank you

explanations on how to submit photos

click "+" in the upper right

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if you have not yet created the album to make a new album

if you have already created an album select the one preferred


proceed to insert the photos from your computer with up-side 1000 px and max weight of 500kb. No frames and invasive written.

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